MJ Rodriguez

Becoming the first transgender actress to appear on Marvel's Luke Cage, MJ Rodriguez has had countless success from our headshot session. Here's what she has to say:

"Dennis is not only a good man at heart, he's also extremely talented. I was thankful enough to get headshots from him and it changed my career stances for the better. I would definitely consider you get your headshots done by him. He is PHENOMENAL!"

Rachel Slotky 

Megan Sheerin 

Megan Sheerin is a brand strategist and writer who had this to say about our session: 

"Dennis is a total professional and a rare find. He works 'til you get the shot. The one you REALLY love. He has a special genius with lights and eyes. He's warm and easy to work with. And if you're a creative/screenwriter/entrepreneur he really gets what you're about and how you want to come across. No stuffy corporate shots here!"