I want nothing more than for you to walk away from this session with not only great photos but a greater sense of self. A newfound confidence that beams for days after our session together. If you come to the session a bit nervous or anxious, don’t worry about it. We’ll hang out, chat a bit, get and that will help us both know each other better. I make awesome coffee and tea! My studio isn’t just a studio. It’s a safe space where your true, most authentic self will thrive.

I can’t wait to see you at our session and look so forward to the results!


  • Really think about who you want to be. A detective? The girl/guy next door? The next big super hero? These are looks that can shape your future in terms of casting.

  • Bring your four wardrobe options, cleaned and ironed, and if you don’t have an iron, come a little earlier and we’ll steam what we need. When choosing your wardrobe options, keep it to solid neutral colors, as we don’t want anything to take too much away from your face. Layers are also cool, so if you have a jacket or sweater you like, bring those too. Don’t bring anything that you don’t feel great in. Colors that tend to work well are earth tones, blues, greens, browns, reds, olive, brick red, etc. Occasionally yellows and pinks work, but I wouldn’t bring more than one option of either. Don’t feel like you need to go buy a bunch of stuff. You should wear things that you have as we want you to look as much like yourself when you walk in the casting room as possible.


  • Make sure your brows are groomed free of "strays." stray hairs not connected to the natural brow that linger below/above the brow and near the temples have got to go. if you have a trusty eyebrow groomer, make an appointment for 1-3 days before your shoot. if you maintain your own brows, please make sure to not over-pluck. the brows help frame the eyes. if you think you can get away with not grooming your brows because you have blonde brows, you should still groom them as the light will catch those as well!

  • Consider plucking or waxing your upper lip if you’ve got a little upper lip hair. Bleaching your upper lip will not work as the light will still catch everything, including those little hairs. 

  • MEN: Please arrive with a clean version of your everyday look. if you'd like to do a facial hair change, you will most likely have time for that during your shoot. 


  • If you've recently made a major change in hair color/cut, maintain it. If you want a fresh cut, please have it done 1-3 weeks before your shoot and maintain from there. 

  • It’s very important for you to arrive to the session with your hair exactly how you want it to look.

  • Try to not dry/fry your hair. Those little fly-aways are very visible and trust me, you do not want them in your photos.

  • Keep your hair hydrated.

  • All of the above goes for wigs.


  • Follow all of the above.

  • Try not to drink.

  • Stay hydrated.


  • Follow your skin care routine.

  • Get a good night's sleep.

  • Try not to drink.

  • Try not to eat late at night or past 8pm.

  • Bring eye drops and a lip balm of your choice if you’d like. The eye drops help your eyes look moist and pop and the balm will keep those lips moist and hydrated before the shoot!