Dennis Polaroid  1.jpg

Once there was a guy named Dennis Cahlo who was born on Staten Island New York in the year of 1977 to an Italian immigrant father and a Long Island born mother. He grew up dreaming of touring the world as a renowned musician. He did just that but without achieving the renowned part.

Along the crazy journey he took pictures with a camera his parents bought him. He photographed everything he saw. Most of the photos were terrible. But they eventually got better.

At some point he amassed a small kingdom of light meters, 35mm, and medium format cameras. With all that equipment he taught himself how to photograph things. People things. Animal things. Building things. He photographed all the time and eventually got really good at it. 

One day someone asked:

 "Hey Dennis, I like your pictures. Will you take photos of my face?"  

"Sure", Dennis said.  

And here we are. 

Since that fateful day, Dennis's photos have appeared in The New York Times, Quest Magazine, and Time Out New York. He has had the pleasure to work with such clients as Alan Flusser, Pop Sugar, Google, Film Forum, Buzzfeed, Bond New York Real Estate, and Frederic Fekkai. He has also had the pleasure of photographing celebrities including Ethan Hawke, Michelle Williams, and Laurie Anderson. 

Dennis has also branched out into filmmaking and has made two short films, the multi award winning "The Weekend" which is available on Amazon Prime and in 2018 was picked up for distribution by Shorts TV.  His second short film, "Death (And Disco Fries)", a romantic comedy which he wrote, directed, produced, and starred in and is enjoying a healthy festival run. He has also served as cinematographer, editor, and colorist for short films and digital content. 

In 2018, Dennis formed “Cary Allen Productions” a company dedicated to helping independent filmmakers achieve their visions on any budget.

Not satisfied with a mere two creative outlets, Dennis started his own podcast "The Cary Allen Picture Show". Each episode is a freeform, intimate conversation between Dennis and a fellow filmmaker, actor, or film enthusiast in which they discuss their love of the medium and what drives them to create. 

Eventually, Dennis would like to own a full sized Greyhound named Chicken and a French Bulldog named Waffles.